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Inflatable Laser Tag
Available for NY, NJ, CT & Long Island NY

Laser tag is a futuristic adventure of light, laser guns and sound by trying to score the most points for your team or for yourself.  Up to 6 players can participate in laser tag 



at a time included are the laser guns and vests for all to wear that record the hits received by your opponents. The inside is filled with a maze of walls and flashing red lights to conceal you from your adversaries during the game. It’s  great fun for ages 8 to adult.


spooky laser game

Awesome Weapon choices:
Laser Cannon
Heavy Machine Gun
Battle Rifle
Sniper Rifle

* All guns have realistic sounds effects to the type of gun you choose. For example if you choose machine gun mode it will make the sound of a machine gun firing off rounds and vibrate and shake the way it would in reality
its really kool effect. There are a large number of magazines loaded to each gun anywhere from 12-30 or even unlimited mode for smaller kids or a longer game.



*Kids friendly laser tag mode can also be programmed where it just makes the sound of a laser gun and when a life is lost it releases a boinging sound to end the game

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