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Skee Ball
Available for NY, NJ, CT & Long Island

 Skee ball (also spelled skeeballski-ball or skee-ball; sometimes called skee roll) is a common arcade game and one of the first redemption games. It is similar to bowling except it is played on an 10 foot long alley inclined lane and the player aims to get the ball to fall into a hole rather than knock down pins. The object of the game is to collect as many points as possible by rolling balls up an incline and into the designated point value holes.

First pull the level and you will get nine baseball size balls to use in the game. When they are done, the game is over. Roll the first ball up the ramp, over the bumper and into the scoring rings, which have numbers associated with them. The higher the point value the harder it is to get the ball into it. Our skeeball games rental is fun for single player or against an opponent

Professional and fun carnival games. Awesome and wide variety of cool carnival games for NY, NJ, CT. All games are set up before your party starts and can be staffed to help your guests as they play. Carnival games like knockdown canstip a trolltic tac toecrazy hatbig mouth plinkoshuffle alleybasketball toss, baseball toss, football tossring toss golf challengepizza toss( order up), frog flipshooting gallery we also have Bible Carnival Games for synagogue or church events. 
Right now we have a package of 6 Carnival Games you can pick from like (knockdown canstip a troll, tic tac toecrazy hatbig mouth, plinkoshuffle alleybasketball toss, baseball toss, football tossring tosspizza toss(order up), frog flipshooting gallery) or if you want we can suggest the games for you 2 hours (call for pricing) and you get 1 cotton candy machine free!!!


 Additionally, we have other Interactive Carnival Games we supply but are not included in the Carnival Games packages!!! Like skeeballhigh striker electronic 2 player basketballfoosball soccersports arenaRock Wall,  foosball Chexx Ice Hockey and a money wheel.
Yes they are priced slightly higher.

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