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Unique, Entertaining Party Activities

When it comes to options these days, there’s no lack of it. Party rental supplies are a dime a dozen, but some equipment and activities are more entertaining and provide more bang for your buck than others. We’ve come up with a few of our favorites to share:

climbMechanical Bull – A true classic. Mechanical bulls can be enjoyed by party goers of almost any age since the speed and bucking level is controlled by a machine operator. The rodeo bull is a machine that replicates the bucking of a bull and riders attempt to stay on for as long as possible. Great for a western themed party or any party that needs a little spicing up!

Inflatable Sumo Wrestling - Inflatable sumo wrestling suits usually win almost everyone over once they see the suits in action. For an affordable activity to get the laughter going and keep the good times rolling, consider renting inflatable sumo wrestling suits – they even come with a padded ring so you can wrestle safely!

Rock Climbing Wall - For the adventurous group, consider renting a vertical rock climbing wall. Whether it’s for a kids party or a corporate event, this vertical challenge is an entertainment option that provides a unique experience for party goers.

For these party rentals and more within the tristate New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area, check out Clowns 4 Kids today. With way more than just clown rentals available, you’ll be able to make your next event one to remember for a long time to come.

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Choosing the Perfect Bounce House

Bounce houses are bright, fun and one of the best ways for children to stayed entertained during a party. There are a few factors you should take into consideration when choosing an inflatable bounce house for your party:

Size and Features

Where are you putting the bounce house? Chances are you have limited space and certain bounces are quite large. A lightweight, inflatable bounce house can have a size of 10×10ft while others are considerably larger.

Additionally, you’ll need to consider how many kids there will be, and what general age they are, in order to decide if you want any special features, like a giant slide or even a themed bounce house.


It’s important to find bounce houses from a reputable company. Kids often engage in a lot of physical activity while bouncing, so you’ll want to be sure the house is strong and will remain puncture-free.

Last, don’t forget, it can really heat up in a bounce house. Keep your eyes on kids bouncing, don’t let the bounce house get overcrowded and remember to drink extra water during those particularly hot days.

At Clowns4Kids, we provide a wide variety of high quality bounce houses, complete with an attendant to monitor the children throughout the party! Learn more and book your bounce house today to receive a free cotton candy machine with any rental.

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Arts & Crafts Birthday Party

To have a great party, you need fun activities. At your child’s next big birthday party, give him or her and all the party goers something to do and something to take. Popular arts and crafts at kids’ parties include:

craftsSand ArtSand art allows kids to get in touch with their creative side by having them choose different colors of sand to pour in fun shaped glass bottles. The brightly colored sand art can be corked and taken home to enjoy forever!

Spin Art - Spin art keeps the kids occupied as they add different colors to moving paper creating unique masterpieces each and every time.

Candy Art - Candy art is a favorite of kids as they get to create art with their own favorite flavors. Similar to sand art, candy art is edible (much like a pixie stick).

Wax Hands - Wax hands allow three-dimensional designs to be created in just one minute. Wax hand machines are fun for both children and adults and provide guests with a fun souvenir from your event.

To find supplies for these arts and crafts and more, check own Clowns 4 Kids today.

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Unique Holiday Party Entertainment Options

Almost everyone loves a good holiday party, but the more you attend, the less fun they start to seem. At Clowns 4 Kids, we’re experts in providing unique party entertainment, including Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa options. Check out some examples below!

santa2Live Animals for Your Nativity Scene – You can bring realness to any play or display with live goats, sheep, donkeys and many other animals. The animals can be corralled in a pen or held by one of our staff members, dressed as a shepherd or wiseman.

Hanukkah Harry – Hanukkah Harry is a festive, energized and joyous holiday visitor who is available for store promotions and childrens’ parties where he can pose for photos and make balloons. Other holiday characters such as Dancing Dreidel and Frosty the Snowman are also available through Clowns 4 Kids.

Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus – What better way to bring Christmas home then to bring Santa and the Mrs. right along with you? This holiday visitor is also available for store promotions and parties, and can be accompanied by elves to really make your holiday entertainment complete!

When you need holiday party entertainment options, kid’s party entertainment options, or even just something fun to do, look no further than Clowns 4 Kids for all your party rental entertainment and activity needs.

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Bounce Houses Your Kids Will Love

Who doesn’t love bounce houses?

We can’t think of anything that is more essential for your child’s party in 2015. Keep your kids active, contained, and having loads of fun in one of our hygienic, perfectly constructed bounce houses, or even a combo bouncer slider! We have a huge selection of themes and sizes to accommodate every budget and taste.

Check out our inflatable DIsney Princess 5 in 1 Castle, or our extremely popular Frozen Bounce House, or even more on our website today!

If you’re in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut or Long Island area, we’ll deliver and install the lovely combo style bounce house of your girl or boy’s dreams. With pretty 3D imagery, lots of interior room for jumping, a basketball hoop, and even log and pop up obstacles, our bounce houses provide hours of fun that every young prince and princess can enjoy!

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Do You Know Your Clown History?

Clowns aren’t just wonderful children’s party entertainment… This performance art has a history that stretches back thousands of years to 2400 B.C.!

clownIn ancient Egypt and imperial China, court clowns were allowed to make jokes that would be unacceptable coming from anyone else in the royal retinue. The history of clowns is actually so vast, there are many books dedicated to the subject.

Today Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus has a famous clown school in Florida, where many go to study the clowning arts as a career. There is even a clown school online!

If you’re looking for the perfect clown for your child’s next party, search no further than Clowns 4 Kids!

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