Cruis’n World Arcade Driving Game

Cruisin’ World Driving Arcade Game is absolutely a great. The courses are so fun and have neat scenery, such as Hawaii, there is the underground aquarium, and in China, the Great Wall of China. and dont forget to check out Germany. No slow cars they all have high speeds and are stylish. You can also get bonus cars, which are all really neat. The graphics are really neat, they have great details. You’ll love how you can get bonus points for doing tricks. The easiest ones are the Mega Roll, and Jump Flip. This game Rocks! It is easy to steer and its not confusing. It has tournaments and you can jump and spin. Crusin’ World is one of the best arcade driving games to come out in a while. A great hit at every Birthday, Bar/Batmitzvah Party, Graduations