Biggest Dunk Tanks in the Business

Over “500” gallons of water. Dunk tanks for kids parties, corporate events, block parties, fund raisers, picnics and all events. Dunk your friend, dunk your boss our dunk tanks are always a hit in the hot summer. Everybody gets pumped up to go in. Dunk tank comes with target where you have to throw the ball at that dunks the person into the water and a clear viewing window to see the person once their dunked in the tank. See the photos of our tanks and you’ll agree its a definite hit. Youll also love some of the different banner designs we have on our dunk tanks like our colorful Clown, Let Freedom Ring (features fireworks, statue of liberty, declaration of independence and an american flag will really make you feel patriotic) and man eating shark. All dunk tanks are great for fun and photos.

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