Cotton Candy Machines

Cotton Candy is an all time American favorite. Cotton candy is one of those amazing foods that seems like magic until you know the secret.

There is no way to produce cotton candy without special equipment (cotton candy machine), but if you have the equipment,
it is incredibly easy!
Cotton Candy is made from Floss Sugar or Flossine mixed with granulated sugar. The sugar is first melted to a liquid. The cotton candy machine spins the liquid sugar and forces the liquid through tiny holes. When the sugar pass through the tiny holes it is shaped and cooled and becomes a solid again.
The center of the cotton candy machine soon becomes filled with tasty sugar threads, which are collected and served on a paper cone. There are two misconceptions about cotton candy – that it is messy and hard to make. The truth is that it is very easy to make and not messy if operator is trained properly (along with using the right equipment).

In making cotton candy, floss is the key phrase is “let the machine make the product”. As the crystallized sugar comes out of the floss head it will form a round web of cotton candy in the pan. Just before the weight of the floss causes it to drop – take a floss cone and lift the floss ring out of the floss pan. Roll it on the cone – it takes just a little practice and we can show you how.

Wrong method, some operations roll the cone around the pan. By lifting and rolling the floss you give the product more air and larger presentation.
Call us to rent a cotton candy machine let us know how many servings you need and we can set one up at your
premises or next party location.

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