Hydraulic Vertical Rock Climbing Wall

Our solid hard hydraulic and 25ft vertical rock climbing walls are a great hit at everyone’s party. Our Hydraulic Rock Climbing Wall NY, NYC, NJ, CT, Long Island is a great for kid’s party, teen party, Barmitzvahs and corporate events. The solid hard surfaced rock wall is a vertical challenge for all climbers to compete & it produces a unique experience.

The solid hydraulic rock wall also serves as an illusion, making it seem easier then it appears to climbers who think it’s hard, yet harder for the climbers who think it’s easy. Either way, you cannot climb them just once. The solid vertical wall gives the realistic experience of being at a rock climbing gym We provide at least 1-2 staff members to work with the rock wall mountain.
When renting a hydraulic rock wall climbing mountain you will benefit in a couple ways. One is that the rock wall climbing mountain is truck mounted and it comes to you. You do not have to load up the car and your party to head to the rock wall gym. Another benefit is you do not have to pay per kid or per climb. Kids can climb up as many times as they would like without you having to worry about the money each climb. Keeping multiple kids entertained at one time is now not as challenging when there is an even bigger challenge of getting up the vertical rock wall.

Also available is our inflatable rock climbing wall ideal for indoors parties & smaller venues because its inflatable we can squeeze it in & then blow it up. Comes with 2 staff members. but requires a 30 x 30 area and 25ft of high ceiling with access to electricity nearby.

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