Mariachi Bands

Mariachi is a variation of the French word “mariage” – meaning wedding or marriage. Although the origins of Mariachi bands go back hundreds of years, it is commonly agreed that today’s Mariachi bands and Mariachi groups began in Mexico during the nineteenth century. In Mexico, Mariachis are traditionally utilized in the rite of courtship. A Mariachi band can also be hired at baptisms, weddings, patriotic holidays, special events, and even funerals. In a complete Mariachi band, there are as many as six to eight violins, two trumpets, and an acoustic guitar. A Mexican folk harp may also be included. Mariachi music is one of the most unique and beautiful genres of music found anywhere in the world. Hire a Mariachi Band to bring a tradition-filled upbeat party atmosphere to any event, complete with dance beats and infectious rhythms! Book one of these great Mariachi Bands today!