Popcorn Machines

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Don’t you love the smell of fresh popped corn? Popcorn’s history dates back over 5,000 years ago. In fact Native Americans enjoyed popcorn centuries ago also, but it was not until 1893 that Charles Cretors invented the first easily transportable popcorn machine for popping kernels of corn in oil.

Now, you can bring the fun of popcorn to your next event, whether it is a birthday party or a carnival, by renting a popcorn machine.

Heres why: Fun to Watch As a kernel of corn heats, the moisture in it turns to steam and continues to expand until the kernel eventually pops. Watching the corn pop in a rented popcorn machine will not only entertain observers, but will whet their appetites for a serving or two. Profitable? Yes.

Renting a popcorn machine to sell popcorn at an event will allow you to make a profit, even after paying for the cost of food, supplies and the rental. Simple and Quick we deliver it to you and you can easily begin our popcorn machine rental is up in no time at all. Better yet, you can make batches of popcorn in less than four minutes.
Popcorn machine rental is just what you need for your next party or event and provide you with all the supplies you’ll need.

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