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The Tumble Bus
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  • Tumblebus is a full sized school bus that has been converted into a safe, climate controlled, fun bus for children 2-8 years of age. The bus is fully padded and filled with top of the line equipment and fun things to help children learn basic tumbling skills, get physical fitness, and improve motor skill development and strength. The Tumblebus program builds your child's self-confidence and enhances physical and motor development. Check out our website to learn more about Tumblebus and sign up for classes at your child's school.

    The Tumble Bus Features: Padded Walls & Floors / Climate Controlled Atmosphere / Mini Parallel Bars / Mini Slide / Monkey Bars / Spinner Bar / Zip Line / Tunnels Inclines / Tumbling Mats / Balance Beam / Mini Trampoline / Vaulting Board / Rings / Ropes / Balls / Bean Bags Parachute / Blue Climbing Mountain Wall / Cargo Net And More...

    * We highlight the birthday child throughout the entire party
  • * Olympic Gold Medal Ceremony for birthday child to feel special
    & full of achievement
  • * Party Favors for every guest
  • * 1-2 CPR/First Aid & USA Gymnastics Certified Instructors
  • * A no fuss, no mess, any weather condition party for your child

    Additional add-ons also available: T-shirts for all your birthday guests A present for the birthday child. Tumblebus Coloring Thank You Cards Gold Medals for each guest.

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